Thursday, 5 November 2015

S. 147: High Court Warns Dept Of Dire Consequences For Harassing Taxpayers With Frivolous Reopening Of Cases

Pr CIT vs. Samcor Glass Ltd (Delhi High Court)

S. 147/ 148: Dept warned not to harass taxpayers by reopening assessments in a mechanical and casual manner. Pr CIT directed to issue instructions to AOs to strictly adhere to the law explained in various decisions and make it mandatory for them to ensure that an order for reopening of an assessment clearly records compliance with each of the legal requirements. AOs also directed to strictly comply with the law laid down in GKN Driveshafts 259 ITR 19 (SC) as regards disposal of objections to reopening assessment
The Court is of the view that notwithstanding several decisions of the Supreme Court as well as this Court clearly enunciating the legal position under Section 147/148 of the Act, the reopening of assessment in cases like the one on hand give the impression that reopening of assessment is being done mechanically and casually resulting in unnecessary harassment of the Assessee

ITO vs. Hiranandani Builders (ITAT Mumbai)

S. 80-IA: Interest on TDS refund, interest from lessees, interest on FDRs and Tender fees are all “derived” from the undertaking and are eligible for deduction. If items of income are not eligible, it should be netted off against expenditure and only balance can be disallowed
The TDS deduction from lease rental income was beyond the control of the assessee and also due to the delay in getting no-deduction certificate from the AO. In view of the same, the assessee was deprived of funds to the extent of TDS amount, which would have otherwise used for the purpose of business purposes including repayment of loan taken for construction of IT parks and SEZ. The Income tax department was required to pay interest only due to the delay in granting refund of TDS. In the case of Liberty India Ltd, relied upon by the AO, the assessee therein received DEPB credits as per the scheme framed by the Government of India. Hence the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that the primary source of the DEPB receipt is the scheme framed by the Government. However, in the instant case, TDS deduction is integral part connected with the receipt of lease income and the same cannot be separted from the activity carried on by the assessee

Reliance Gems & Jewels Ltd vs. DCIT (ITAT Mumbai)

S. 37(1): A business is “set up” the moment employees are recruited for the purpose of the business. All expenditure incurred thereafter is allowable as a deduction even if the business has not commenced
Setting up of business is different from commencement of business and the expenditures are allowable on setting up of business. The assessee has recruited employees for the purpose of its business and about 16 employees are for the job of quality assurance. In our considered opinion, upon recruitment of employees, the factum that expenditure under the different heads was incurred is indicative that business was set up

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