Monday, 14 April 2014

File Income Tax Return for Asstt. Year 2014-15 without login on TRACE.

The Income Tax Department has developed the latest JAVA Technology ITR Forms ITR-1 (Sahaj) & ITR-4S (Subam) which have been made to make it user friendly for Asstt. Year 2014-15. This utility can be run on Windows 7.0 or above and latest Linux operating systems, where Java Runtime Environment Version 7 Update 13 (jre 1.7 is also known as jre version 7) or above is installed.

Features of ITR Form :
  1. New - On click of this button, a new copy of the ITR form will be available. If you have already opened the ITR form, you will be prompted to save the earlier copy.
  2. Open -This option is for importing the XML (successfully generated earlier) of a particular A.Y. Select the path and import the XML. You should check/validate the contents before finalizing upload/submission.
  3. Save - You can save your completed XML in the desired path/location of your desktop.
  4. Save Draft - This option can be used to save your XML. Please note you cannot upload an XML which was saved using the ‘Save draft’ option. Only a complete XML generated using the ‘Save’ option can be uploaded successfully.
  5. Prefill -This option can be used to auto-fill your Personal, Address and Tax details. You will be prompted to provide your User ID, Password and DOB/DOI to fetch the data. It is advisable to complete this activity before you start entering other data. Please check/validate the contents. Please make sure you're connected to the internet to avail this feature.
  6. Re-Calculate - On clicking this button, the data in the utility will be re-calculated. This is to provide with the utility based calculation/validation.
  7. Submit -Click this button to upload the XML in e-Filing portal. You'll be prompted to provide your e-Filing credentials, User ID, Password and DOB/DOI. Post submission, the success message and the acknowledgment number will be displayed. You will be able to download ITR-V. Please make sure you're connected to the internet to avail this feature. (if the return is submitted without a DSC) as well.
  8. Help - This option will let you know the shortkeys, instructions, settings and how to use this ITR form.
  9. Previous/Next- These will help you to navigate to the various tabs of the ITR form.
Important Shortcut keys :

1 Alt + N Opens a new ITR
2 Alt + S Saves the ITR in the user desired path
3 Alt + F4 Closes the utility
4 Alt + I Imports the XML file
5 Alt + F Pre-fills the ITR
6 Alt + C Clears the validation errors
7 Alt + D Hides/Shows the validation window
8 Alt + G Opens the SUBMIT screen to submit the ITR
9 Alt + R Re-calculates the tax details as per the Utility

Latest ITR- I (Sahaj)
Latest ITR- IV-S (Sahaj)

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