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There is a requirement of detailed information in several heads regarding shareholdings pattern.
Category wise details:
For each category of shareholders, company shall disclose number of shares held at beginning and end of the year with details of demat and physical shares, and their percentage of total shares.
The classes are:
  1. Promoters:
    1. Indian:
      1. Individual,
      2. Central Government,
      3. State Governments,
      4. Bodies Corporate,
      5. Bank and financial institutes,
      6. Others
    2. Foreign:
      1. NRI – individuals,
      2. Others – Individuals,
      3. NoBodies corporate,
      4. Bank and financial Institutes,
    3. Public Share holding:
      1. Institutions:
        1. Mutual Funds,
        2. Banks and financial institutes,
        3. Central Government,
        4. State Governments,
        5. Venture Capital Funds
        6. Insurance Companies
        7. Foreign Institutional Investors,
        8. Foreign Venture Capital Funds,
      2. Non – Institutions:
        1. Bodies Corporate
          1. Indian
          2. Foreign
        2. Individual
          1. Individual shareholders holding nominal Share capital up to Rs. 1Lakh
          2. Individual shareholders holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh
        3. Others
      3. Shares held by custodians for GDRs / ADRs
shareholdings of Promoters:
Company shall disclose details of promoter shareholdings in Annual return. Information shall include shareholder’s name along with detail of shareholdings at beginning and end of the year. Company shall disclose number of shares, percentage of shareholdings to total shares of the company and percentage of pledged or encumbered shares to the total shares of the company. Company shall also disclose percentage change in shareholdings of each shareholder during the year.
Change in promoter’s shareholding:
This requires date wise increase and decreasing in shareholdings of overall shareholdings of the promoters along with date wise cumulative shareholdings.
Shareholdings pattern of top ten shareholders:
These top ten shareholders shall not include directors, promoters and holders of GDR/ADR. Information shall include shareholder’s name along with detail of shareholdings at beginning and end of the year.
Shareholdings of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel:
Information shall include name of director and key managerial personnel along with detail of shareholdings at beginning and end of the year.
For the purpose of these details indebtedness of company includes interest outstanding or accrued but not due for payment. Indebtedness may be of secured loan, unsecured loan and deposits. Company shall give break – up of principal amount, interest due but not paid and interest accrued but not due.
Check this line:
Indebtedness shall be at beginning and end of financial year along with addition and reduction during year.
Company shall disclose ledger folio number, full name of security holder, father’s/mother’s/spouse’s name, joint-holder’s full name, Type of share or security, number and amount, date of becoming member or security holder and address.
A company without share capital shall give additional information: total number of members at incorporation or at end of previous financial year, number of person who became member and number of person who ceased to be member during the financial year and number of members at the end of the financial year.
This information is required to be furnished in separate sheet or in electronic format.
Company shall disclose date of closure during previous financial year.
Company shall furnish detail of all transfer during the year in separate sheet or in electronic format:
Type of security
Number of share or security
Ledger folio of transferor
Transferor Name
Ledger folio of transferee
Transferee name.
All this information shall be furnished in a separate sheet or in electronic format

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