Friday, 30 December 2016

CESTAT: Disallows credit of 'outward freight' not included in assessable value; HC ratios inapplicable

CESTAT disallows CENVAT credit of tax paid on outward freight not forming part of ‘assessable value’ of manufactured goods; According to CESTAT, accepting assessee’s contention that value of service claimed as "input service" is not includible in assessable value, would result in availment of undue privilege of credit balance by paying lower tax and retention of tax recovered from customer, which is clearly not intent of CENVAT Credit Rules (CCR); CCR do not purport to be an exemption mechanism, but rather govern the manner in which a fund of ‘non-money’ is acknowledged as means of discharging tax/duty obligation and regulates its operation: Stating that, “foundation of Cenvat Credit Rules, 2004 is inherent relationship with tax liability for without a tax liability on output goods or services, the Rules are merely academic”, CESTAT holds that quantum of credit is linked to ingredients that constitute value for tax liability; Rejects assessee’s reliance on various HC rulings such as ABB Ltd. and Parth Poly Woven Pvt Ltd, stating that they do not pertain to determination of dispute whether credit availed was in confirmity with CENVAT Credit scheme, and on other hand, relies on decision of Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. to conclude that tax paid on outward freight is unavailable to offset duty liability on output goods : Mumbai CESTAT

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